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About Us

Equiniti Charter has grown its reputation as a specialist provider of complaints and case management solutions to some of the world's leading brands and customer-facing organisations, and covert management solutions to the police and other law enforcement agencies.

Part of Equiniti and based in the UK, our award-winning platform is successfully deployed across multinationals operating in the financial services, retail, utilities, leisure, automotive, manufacturing, food and drink and public sectors.

We help businesses to achieve a strategic step-change that is proven to deliver an enhanced customer experience, improve customer efficiency, and drive business improvements, while at the same time yielding significant cost reductions and efficiency gains.

Equiniti Charter is a trusted partner in complaint and case management and our software is currently managing over 4.5 million cases for some of the most highly regulated organisations in the UK.

Today, we work with 55 financial services brands. Our client list includes some of the world’s leading and customer-facing organisations, and we deployed Europe’s largest complaint handling system to over 70,000 users in one of the ‘Big Four’ UK banks.

We also enable law enforcement organisations to conduct and manage source and covert surveillance activities, and to ensure that everything they do complies with the law. The police, other law enforcement agencies and other public bodies all rely upon it in this most sensitive of areas. Our covert management platform is robust, comprehensive and sophisticated, and it was developed with close and continuing consultation with police forces across the country.

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