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Equiniti Charter User Group Event

14 June 2018

Equiniti Charter’s recent User Group event featured an action packed agenda filled with product updates, best practice insight, key industry themes and knowledge sharing amongst our customer base. With topics determined by our User Group Community, Equiniti Charter customers and employees alike took away valuable learnings from the day and some new faces to add to their networking groups.

The Chair of our User Group Committee, from financial services customer YBS, summarised the event as follows:

“The day had some really interesting technical talks and demos, which really highlighted the benefits of the applications they provide. It was a valuable insight into how complaint handling is evolving and what the new applications are capable of. It was great to catch up with the external speaker too, talking on the topic of GDPR – it is always great to talk to professionals like this as they can provide clarity on complex regulations.

 The User Group event is an ideal opportunity to network with others in various sectors across the UK who are on either Service Chain or MMX. No matter which platform you are on, you can really learn from what others are doing. Whether it is something as simple as screen layout all the way to the larger projects like PSD2 and GDPR there is always something you can take back with you.”

— User Group Committee Chair, YBS

Equiniti Charter Product Focus

The day kicked off with Equiniti Charter presenting their latest and most technologically current product, MMX. The interactive demo included the following updates about the product roadmap:

  • Some key differences between Service Chain and MMX:
    • Layout & design
    • Contextual Data Capture
    • Lower Panel – View inbound documents during case creation wizard & timeline
    • New & improved Workflow tools
    • Home – Dashboards which give the user headline data as to the current state/load of the application.
  • New upgrades to MMX:
    • Flexibility of configuration allowing features such as the call back customer wizard and workflow to be implemented by consultants
    • Contextual guidance text at the end of a wizard and as part of workflow, which can include merged case data
    • Suggested classification, how a verbatim field can be used to help guide the user to the correct classification
    • Layouts – Use of colour and images to highlight case/customer/item types, this could be used to highlight brands etc
  • In the MMX pipeline:
    • Integration to Hootsuite – To allow a social media conversation to be captured for use in case creation or to attach to an existing case
    • Customer Portal – Allowing customers to get updates on progress and allow interactions such as uploading documents, completing forms etc
    • AI – Research into how this can be used within MMX
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Upgrading to MMX, A Customer’s Experience 

With MMX fresh in the mind, we showcased the experiences of our customer FGH on migrating to the new platform from older product Charter Manager, including key client requirements, to roll-out processes, data migration, GDPR management and future plans.

Following the introduction of the new platform, FGH is already seeing these immediate benefits:

  • Full regulatory compliance and increased data security
  • Management decisions are supported through better understanding of root cause analysis and management information
  • Greater transparency for management and quality assessment of the complaint process, enabling managers to track agent productivity and workloads, and avoid regulatory breaches
  • Built-in security integrated into existing single sign-on technologies
  • Management of complaints received across multiple platforms, ensuring they are dealt with in line with compliance guidelines while also improving customer service.

Remediation Project Focus

With remediation projects a key concern within our customer base, we discussed how the MMX tool can be used to manage that process with the assistance of Equiniti’s Expert Assessment (EA) Team. (Slides 23-35)

  • The EA Team allow clients to optimise their delivery of remediation projects using the technical case management and workflow solutions as well as specialist resourcing capabilities offered by Equiniti.
  • The primary role of the EA Team is to understand the goal of the remediation activity, work with the client to optimise the treatments design and delivery processes to maximise efficiency and make the most of any automation possibilities.

Several examples of remediation projects that can be created using MMX (Slides 36-46) were demonstrated, highlighting the many features and functionality within the system, including comprehensive automation and advanced workflow management, that can make the whole project quicker and easier to implement and run, as well as significantly more cost effective. 

The morning concluded with the following summary from the Equiniti Charter team:

“MMX’s integration with multiple systems is core to successful remediation programmes. MMX provides flexible options from simple ‘straight to pay’ to full complex case management with automated workflow, all developed in an agile way.

Of course, MMX is not just for remediation programmes. The automated workflows can be adapted to a wide variety of case management programmes including BAU.

Not forgetting that Service Chain is at its end of life and all users should be making plans to move to EQC’s latest product MMX.”

After lunch, our special guest speaker answered the key questions on the GDPR issues dominating concerns of many businesses. 

With the impact of GDPR a foremost concern, our special guest speaker led an interactive session on how the new legislation affects complaints handling and case management. The session helped everyone understand the most important concepts of GDPR and what all businesses should consider when it comes to managing their customer data. Also highlighted was Charter’s ability to help our customers manage their GDPR workflow relating to DSARs and DPIAs, as well as redacting/deleting customer information, via our specialist module to ensure compliance with the new requirements.

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Value added networking and knowledge share

The day concluded with a series of networking discussion groups focussing on the 3 topics chosen by the customers on our User Group Steering Committee. Best Practice Approaches, GDPR and RCA/MI were all key areas where our customers took the opportunity to engage with their peers and benefit from sharing experiences, ideas, shortfalls, solutions, knowledge and understanding.

Equiniti Charter’s MD Scott Shields shared a few parting words included a round-up of the day and the learnings we could all take away from this, both from Equiniti Charter and customer perspective and also to remind all of the key contacts of EQC.

A Final Word

We’d like to leave the final word on the day to someone who was experiencing the Equiniti Charter User Group for the first time.

“I am a relative newcomer to both Santander and Equiniti Charter. However, in a previous life I have taken part in a number of User Groups and always found them to be useful.

Having just attended my first Equiniti Charter User Group at Millbank Tower, I would highly recommend your consideration to attend the next event. The days agenda was very well thought out, covering the new functionality of MMX, additional services that Equiniti Charter can provide, a very topical Guest Speaker and then a Round Table discussion that all clients are able to share views of current issues and potential solutions.

The day was very worthwhile and beneficial, so when you receive your invite to the next event I would recommend you to accept. The more users who attend, the more we can discuss and share ideas and therefore we can be the proposers and instigators of changes to functionality that would be of benefit to us all.”

— Change Manager, Santander Services

We hope to see you all at the next event.