Enterprise Complaints Management

The enterprise complaints management platform from Equiniti Charter is a powerful customer service software suite that lets you implement a company-wide approach to managing customer complaints and feedback.  It allows you to consistently capture all forms of customer feedback with unrivalled analytical capability to generate improvements in customer satisfaction and business profitability.

The platform can integrate easily with other company systems and databases to become a hub of customer intelligence and centre of excellence for managing complaints and customer relationships to a consistently high standard across the organisation, regardless of size or structure.

Its core applications have been developed to support multi-channel contact capture (including social media), workflow processing and business systems integration with a robust reporting and analysis tool.

Key Features

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Highly flexible configuration
  • Seamless integration
  • Comprehensive reporting and notifications
  • Workload management


  • Proven and stable platform used by some of the largest, public and private sector organisations in the UK.
  • Highly configurable workflows that automatically adjust based on the criteria selected.
  • Full integration with other core platforms, including the ability to embed data from other systems within the case management platform.
  • Proactive alerts that reduce the risk of breaches and automatically identifies any irregularities.
  • An intuitive and streamlined user experience that reduces training needs and maintains a high level of data quality.
  • Comprehensive reporting and real time dashboards save time and improve decision making.
  • Experienced consultants and proven implementation methodology reduces the risk inherent in large scale system deployments.

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