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Covert Authorities Management

The Covert Authorities Management module provides a compliant approach for covert authorities, or any other authority or management process which requires approval, to register and manage authorities from application through to authorisation.

Providing complete operational security oversight and management of covert operations for senior investigating officers and authorising officers, all covert operations applicants are guided through a simple, prescribed authorisation route set by your force. The module ensures that correct procedure is always followed from the initial request to the final reporting; including gaining the right authorities and technical support.

The solution includes automated reviews and renewal reminders as well as risk assessments and oral authorities, with the ability to create various types of covert logs. The  complete integration with all other modules means that everything is in one place for ease of use by all. This interoperability allows for the automatic cross searching of data to prevent compromise, whilst fully retaining all aspects surrounding duty of care.

An Operation Names database is included within the system ensuring all authorities can be attached to an associated Operation, helping with searching and auditing of the system as well as the production of statistics.

Key Features


  • Covert operations database with all authorities grouped by operation
  • Fully configurable authorisation chains including reviews, renewals, cancellations and oral authorities
  • From application through to authorisation for all authorities required under RIPA/RIPSA and the Police Act & IPA when enacted


  • Subjects of investigation
  • Sanitation and dissemination of intelligence in line with the Authorised Professional Practice (APP) Information Management Intelligence Report process
  • Covert logs (fully auditable)


  • A comprehensive search facility allows information held to be quickly and easily located by those authorised.
  • Ensure compliance with R v Sutherland, R v Johnson etc.
  • Full risk assessment capabilities
  • Automatic reminders for reviews and renewals


  • Registering new operation names
  • Searching for existing names
  • Accessing covert application details for a specific operation name


Key Benefits for LEA Staff


• Full integration with other modules helps to reduce compromise
• Fully searchable across all operations and all applications


• Intuitive user interface combined with configurable help text improves the quality of each application, even by those who rarely use the system
• Reporting needs are met within the system itself
• The comprehensive Search Manager function allows easy retrieval and analysis of data

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• Reduces the security risk by keeping all the data in one, secure module
• Automatically handles review and renewals within the system
• Makes auditing and inspections by IPCO easy and straightforward for all parties


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