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Technical Surveillance Unit Management

The Technical Surveillance Unit Module provides the ability to manage the activities of TSU Staff. This includes an inventory of equipment as well as maintaining a comprehensive database of all TSU related activity.

TSU managers not only have early notice of feasibility of equipment requirements, but also the confidence that comes from being able to see the complete authorisation, guaranteeing compliance with R v Sutherland.

In addition, TSU managers can be confident of being able to provide the best possible service in the most cost-effective way available, including an inventory of equipment, full auditing and reporting, and a comprehensive database of all TSU related activity.

The excellent stock management system enables the production of all key performance indicators needed to ensure maximum stock availability at the lowest cost. These include re-order level prediction, mean time between failure predictions, utilisation percentages, percentage availability, stock performance, and many more.


Standard Features

• Tasking
• Equipment Register
• Suppliers Register
• Safety Checks
• Feasibility Reports
• Full Audit of Use and Results
• Full Performance Figures
• Management of Stock

Key Module Features


Key Benefits for TSU Managers and Staff


  • Full compliance with R v Sutherland and R v Johnson giving TSU staff assurance surrounding the legality of their deployments
  • Ensures complete confidence at all levels that due diligence and process has been carried out to the letter of the law
  • Full audit trail is available on all applications and activities


  • Intuitive approach for all users including occasional users
  • Provides standard or tailored relevant online help to the users
  • Use of dropdown lists to ensure correct data is quickly selected


  • Fully RIPA and IPA Compliant
  • All LEA TSU requests ensure that all the correct information is collected
  • Reports are very quickly and easily made available for management and IPCO audits


  • Ideal centralised resource for collaborative and working together schemes
  • Helps LEAs keep on top of costs and deployments by eliminating overstocking and improving stock level controls
  • Keeps track of maintenance and replacements costs and schedule

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