Financial Services

The pressures of meeting Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations and reporting on complaint handling can stifle the development of organisations seeking to grow their businesses.

Instead of concentrating on increasing customer reach and profitability, valuable resources are focussed on handling and reporting on customer feedback and complaints.

Equiniti Charter has been working alongside financial services firms and we use our experience to provide a proven solution which helps firms both comply with the FCA regulations on complaint handling and achieve their business’ strategic objectives.

All our customers benefit from a market leading complaint handling solution that delivers full FCA compliance as well as comprehensive Root Cause Analysis and Management Information that enables them to improve the customer experience, streamline internal processes, and ultimately focus on business growth and profitability.

Working with 55 financial services brands, Equiniti Charter deployed Europe’s largest complaint handling system to over 70,000 users in one of the ‘Big Four’ UK banks.

The real leading edge capability that EQ Charter UK has given us is root cause understanding - the ability to understand why customers are complaining so that we can fix the problem straight away.
Lloyds Banking Group

Rectification and Remediation

We also deliver comprehensive rectification and remediation solutions to help you proactively manage complaints or cases before they escalate. Our platform provides the processes to help you manage your remediation programmes, so your organisation can:

  • gain valuable insight into what customers think of your services and products
  • avoid penalty by ensuring regulatory compliance
  • drive improvements by identifying problem areas in your business
  • analyse the voice of the customer by capturing their expectations, preferences and aversions
  • increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • improve brand identity
  • increase staff efficiency and productivity
  • turn customer feedback into profit

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