Law Enforcement

Equiniti Charter enables law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to improve the service they provide to the public with fewer resources through collaborative working, secure information sharing, and business process efficiency gains.

Our specialist solutions help police forces and other LEAs to meet the demands of severe budget cuts and adopt more effective working practices through better use of technology, efficient data sharing and collaborative working systems.

Designed in full partnership with the police, our covert operations management software ensures that the proper procedures and authorisation processes are in place and followed - ensuring covert operations are undertaken in full compliance with current legislation.

In addition, our solution enables criminal investigations to operate more effectively by providing senior officers with a single, cohesive view of all the intelligence related to their investigations. This combination of the information gathered by every kind of covert activity ensures officers are working with the most up-to-date and accurate intelligence in their investigations, enabling them to be more effective in detecting and preventing crime.

The solution from Equiniti Charter enables our officers to be more effective, and much better able to coordinate surveillance operations.

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