Manufacturing and Automotive

In the manufacturing and automotive sectors, product quality and operational efficiency determine the success of the business.

Complaints and feedback are an extremely valuable source of information when it comes to driving improvements in quality. Customers' experience of your company and your product inform you about systems and processes in need of improvement.

Our solutions provide detailed data and analysis of many aspects of your organisation – from the way it sells its products and services to customers' experience of using what they have bought. This data can benefit all areas of your operation from improving quality control processes, returns processes and complaints handling to reducing production costs and identifying weaknesses in the supply chain.

Equiniti Charter has worked with giants of the manufacturing and automotive industries including Toyota and its subsidiary Lexus. Through improved reporting and documentation our platform has brought openness and transparency, enabling better communications both within the firms and with their customers, enhancing the ability to identify trends and best practices within your market.

Equiniti Charter works in line with established BSI quality management processes and ISO 9001 standards. 


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